ang may sala’

I am a strong willed person sometimes it puzzles me where I get the motivation and determination to go on. As a kid, I had the faintest thought living own my own. I just wouldn’t survive best life unfolds quite very unpredictable and will catch you off guard most of the time. But you have to learn from it, and how I am living a life I never know would be so fulfilling and give me contentment I’ve always pray for. That’s why I am thankful for having to go through that moment in my life. It didn’t make me weaker but only stronger. I am just your average Poe who goes through the same trials as everybody else. I have so many problems… but I have to, I go no choice but still enjoy the simplest things that happen in my mundane life.

Though problems are an inevitable part of life, I wouldn’t want to have them if possible boring form traumatic experiences. Therefore I keep away from them as much as I could. Happy people rocks!. Dull people sucks…. In this world 90% is what you make your life, but every second count. Past is past. Slow is slow. Learn from your past but don’t dwell on it. To be happy in life, do not forget your childish curiosity…. One of the best meswage I heard…Don’t scared to bring out the child within sometimes. It wont hurt you a bit. Smile and be optimistic. This world needs all the optimism it can get. Make friends as many as you can. Friends are like sugar and spices to life and everything nice, to wrap this up I am a loner of life. I embrace that are not quite permissible in this world but what the heck!!! It was a great life changing. Experience which brought but the best in me..

Me always be.., No hesitation and no pretensions I am not perfect… but real …this is me and this all I can be.

Anu nosebleed na kau? tamang English ako para medyo tsosyal! asust…

P.S. pwede nyo rin akong email kung trip nyo ….



3 Tugon

  1. take 3! (bakit? papano di ako makapag post sa blog mo ng di naka log-in) ayus, una ako!! aga, asa si tsarlene? haizz, diko maintinidah english mo nose bleed ako, pede paki translate sa spanish or taglish? i cant understood english e? you know naman, i am still young! ahehehe! dyok lang!

    keep reading my blog! ayus blog mo daming pektures… nakaka enjoy!

    mang BADoy (public toilet: piso ihi, dos tae)

    —asust 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. You know what, you are a very interesting person. Hope to catch up with you.

  3. ang cute naman nung baby…

    kasing-astig ng may ari ng blog na ito…

    ay mali, iisa lang pala ang baby na ito at ang may ari ng blog na ito…

    but it’s nice!!!

    add kita sa blogroll ko!!!

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