A Story of Forgiveness’ was a very interesting story. I actually felt what Bruce Murikami felt through out the story. I thought at first Justin should have been sent to jail for at least 25-30 years. As the story went on and I learned more about Justin and his personality, I sort of felt bad for him and I thought his sentencing should be light. Maybe a few years of prison. But when I saw the judge’s ruling, it was lighter in some ways and harsher in others. It seemed fair to me. The story taught me that you can forgive someone and still not be happy with what that person did. Also, the story taught me what reckless driving can do to people.
ashhteeegg to’

Wala kasing magawa…..



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  1. Ciao bella gioia, hai la mia nomina in un Meme parito dai blogs italiani. Dovresti fare un elenco delle 6 cose che più ti piace fare, vedi un po’ tu come regolarti.
    Stammi bene, ciao

  2. @ Oscar — anu raw?? asust..

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