Natatandaan n’yo pa ba to’?

Natatandaan mo pa ba itong dasal na ito?

Angel of God, my guardian dear

to whom God’s love commits me here.

Ever this day/night be at my side

to light and guard, to rule and guide.


Itunuro sa akin ito noong ako ay nasa kinder pa lamang (tagal na non’), pero sa hanggang sa ngayon ay dinasalan ko pa rin ito. Ewan ko lang ah pero sa malamang hindi ako makakatulog pag hindi ko nadasal ito. Siguro ang akala nyo’ eh pambata lamang ito pero hindi pwede rin sa atin mga kabataan. asust. Naniniwala rin ako sa aking guardian angel na parating nagbabantay sa akin. Sya’ nga pala si Uriel ang naatasang tagapagbantay ko. Mabait yan at maaasahan mo talaga. Kaw? Kilala mo ba ang guardian angel mo? Ito kilalanin mo na….

St. Gabriel (Lunes)
Special Messenger of God

St. Raphael (Martes)
Healer & Guide for the Christian Pilgrim

St. Uriel (Miyerkules)
Archangel of Justice

St. Sealtiel (Huwebes)
Archangel of Worship & Contemplation

St. Jhudiel (Biyernes)
Archangel of Divine Mercy

St. Barachiel (Sabado)
Archangel of Divine Providence

St. Michael (Linggo)
Prince of Heavenly Hosts

Kaya alamin mo na kung anung araw ka pinanganak. Tanong mo sa Mudrakz mo at makikilala mo na ang Guardian Angel mo. Asust. At ito pa kilalanin natin sila….

Guardian Angel – Lunes

St. Gabriel is the bearer of God’s secret messages to His chosen ones. He is the Angel who announced to the Blessed Virgin Mary God’s plan for her to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus (Luke 1:19). He was also the Angel who foretold to Daniel the end of the world. (Dan. 8:19; 9:21).

Guardian Angel – Martes

St. Raphael is the Archangel of the Christian’s journey to heaven. He is assigned by God to accompany us along the way of our pilgrimage in search of the treasures of real happiness which God has in store for all His children. He also gives the light to discern correctly God’s ways and protects us from the dangers that befall us on our way to our heavenly home. As his name Raphael connotes, “medicine of God,” he is the Angel that brings good health and abundant provisions during our journey. (Tob. 8:3; 12:15).

Guardian Angel – Miyerkules

St. Uriel, with the weighing scale in his hand, reminds us of divine justice that weighs according to its true worth whatever good we do and whatever doings we commit in relation to God, to our neighbors or to ourselves, both as individuals and as a community of nations. He also reminds us of the terrible judgment of God upon the world for the human pride and godlessness with which human affairs are conducted. These are now fast bringing mankind towards the throes of its own destruction. (Book of Henoch and IV Esd. 4, 1).

Guardian Angel – Huwebes

St. Sealtiel continually stands before God, with incenser in hand in unceasing adoration of the Most Holy Trinity. As the Archangel of contemplation and worship, his angelic purity transforms the love and worship which we mortals give to God. We need St. Sealtiel’s powerful intercession before God’s throne to overcome the evils of hedonism in our day. May the evils of drug addition, sex exploitation and abortion become things of discredited past. May endless hymns of praise rise from all peoples as they chant in union with the Heavenly Choirs of Angels, in perpetual thanksgiving for God’s bountiful blessings. He is known to be the angel who stopped Abraham from killing his son Isaac as a sacrifice. (Gen. 22:12)

Guardian Angel – Biyernes
God’s mercy comes to us every moment of our lives. Without it, we would die. With it, God provides us the graces we need for our bodies. Mercy is God’s love helping us fight the temptations of life and obtain forgiveness for our sins. Mercy is grace for bodily and spiritual needs. Mercy is God Himself through the merits of Jesus Christ bringing us back to our Heavenly Home.

Guardian Angel – Sabado

Through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His passion, death and resurrection, all His disciples are brought to a transforming union with Him. Through His transformation in love, the soul becomes Christ-like. As such, every Christ-like soul becomes, by adoption, the child of the Father. St. Barachiel is the Archangel who was assigned by God to keep watch over His adopted children, taking care that He and the Choirs of Angels assigned to the task guard these transformed souls in all their ways, bearing them up in their hands, “lest they dash their feet against the stone on their way to their heavenly home.” (Psalm 91, 12)

Guardian Angel – Linggo

St. Michael is the Commander-in-Chief of all the hierarchies of the Heavenly Hosts. He is usually known as the Angel who defeated Lucifer and his followers in the first rebellion of creatures against God. By his battlecry: “Mi-ca-El” which means “Who is like unto God?”, he was named Michael. He is the first defender of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Mystery of the Incarnation. He is usually associated with the miracles manifesting the almighty power of God with the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Dan. 10:12; 12:1; Apoc. 12:7).

Siguro naman nakilala n’yo na ang tagapagbantay n’yo, kaya huwag kayong mahiya tawagin sila pag kayo ay nasa pangangailang. Don’t worry 24/7 sila available wala silang day off. Hehehe joke.

Hanggang sa Muli,


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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