isang balik tanaw sa nakaraan hayskul LCS’99

ilang taon narin ang nakaraan at biglang na isip ko ang aking hayskul lyf…..
sarap ulit- ulitin….

From the very time that we started going to school, we learned that it was Lapu-Lapu who killed Megalan and that Dr. Jose Rizal is our national here. As we went to higher levels, we learned about the Asian civilization, religion, the emperors, kings and inventors. History will always be remembered because the highlights and the people involved. And there is one untold history and this is how it all started.

It was June 1995, the first day of school. For some it was dreadful day. New school and classmates gave us butterflies inside and it was probably how the Freshmen had felt the first time they set foot on La Consolacion School. Others even wanted to go back to their old school where they think they should. But with the care and support of our adviser, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Nocheseda, we suddenly realized that La Consolacion School is our new home, where we belong.

Yes, it was really memorable year for the Freshmen. We were known for pur creative minds not only when it comes to thinking of pranks and jokes such as the broken doornob and windows, imitating our teachers’  ways and the bubbles coming out of the boys’ mouth made of…. never mind, but as well as in schoolworks and activities. Remember the cheering competition and the songfest? and who could ever forget the Justice choir? Though there were “intrigas” behind our victory, we stil prove that no one and nothin can pull us down.

Our Sophomore year with Ms. Delprado and Ms. Caparal and with some new classmates was even more memorable and funny. I know you know why — Ms. Caparal’s outbursts, the table incident and the missing chair were hard to forget. We also had the fun times like when we our “unique” Agape lunch and the Christmas party.

One event of our Junior year that is very vivid in our memory was when we won the cheering competition, yehey!! With the unique choreography, the junkle-like music, the cannibal-looking dancers and of course, witht he loving support of Mrs. Cruz and Ms. Labit, we once again prove that we are the winners. One of our biggest problems though were our classroom. Teachers would usually say, “Pakiayos nga yung mga silya nyo” or ” Cleaners, pakiwalis nga ung likod”. Hayyy…sometimes we never learn.

Seniour year quite different. The wackiness wass still there but the future now becomes our priority. We bacame pressured by things we don’t usually worry about in the past like our projects, quizes and exams. But some things never change like our classroom ( na dirty pa ren…), petty fights and misunderstanding with some teachers. despite the hardtimes, Mrs. Cruz and Ms. Sta. Ana had supported us all the way from the things like our studies and problem to bigger things like our dreams. At last, on March 26, 1999, the history that we had made has fanally reached its end as we recieved our diplomas, yet we will never forget that within those four wonderful years of our stay in LCS, we have learned the greatest value of life has to offer through our parents, teachers and friends, and that is love.


ST. AUGUSTINE — MS. Sta. Ana —– Adviser
fritz-adrian-jeffrey-mark-fulgerald-almond-jeffrey t.-morris-aimee- sonia-joy-katherine-katte-patricia-riza-khristine-johanna-girgina-millet-dianne-jamille-janice-dawn-erika-shiela-jem-bethelyn-valerie-jenny-katrina-kath m.-aura-eva-laiza-ricel-karla-glandie-dianaleen-lara-flor-michelle-airene-olan-

ST. MONICA — MS. Cruz —– Adviser
archie-patrick-paul-bimbo-christopher-stephen-sherwin-bryan-joel-nissa-jackilyn-josephine-mishelle-jean-jane elizabeth-dolores,cherrylyn-andrea-chanda-kathie-nola may-joyce-tricia-avie-michelle-kharmie-cd-maritony-teresa-kathleen-jayne-grace-melissa-jane m.-joan-rose-aurea-tin-soki-sheila-lorraine-florissa-maricel-khony-audree-ezra-

ABA nasan na kaya ang aking mga kabatch magparamdam naman kau….ung iba ay nsa friendster, multiply sa kanto ewan ko kung nasaan man kau … dyan nlan kau joke lang miss ko na kau!!!

hanggang sa muling pagkikita!!!

Gawa pala ito ni Atty. Jenny.

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